What Is An Independent Dental Practice?


In recent times many dental practices in the UK and Inverness have been run by or taken over by corporations that have practices in multiple locations.

Here at Eden we have been owned and run by Ken Provan who set up the practice over 30 years ago.  We feel that the advantages of being a practice that is run by a dentist that actually works on the premises are multifactorial.  We feel that we can cater our services and focus solely on the individual patient.  We are also free to use the dental materials and laboratories which we feel both suit our and our patients needs.  We delight in knowing many of our patients on a personal level as we have an extremely low staff turnover.  We feel this benefits the patient as it allows a continuation of care. 

In a recent survey of 2052 people, 56% of UK Brits preferred to use the services of a small business over the services of a large business or organisation and we would agree with that 56%!.

From the survey, the 8 key traits that a client expects and appreciates from a small business such as ours is;

  1. The business presents a friendly face when meeting and greeting clients.
  2. The team are attentive towards the client throughout the whole client journey.
  3. The clients/patients enjoy building good relationships with the team.
  4. Clients feel great when the members of the team remember their names and what they like eg hobbies, events etc.
  5. The business team show they care about the client and show appreciation.
  6. The business plays a part in its local community.
  7. Clients enjoy a business which is fun and engaging.
  8. Clients love how they are recommended services or products based on their individual past and present wants.

Our team run by Ken Provan