Dental Treatments

The Dentist uses your check-up to see how healthy your mouth is, whether you might need some work done and, in the case of children, how the teeth are growing and developing. The Dentist will have a look round inside your mouth, checking the teeth, as well as your tongue, the soft palate, the inside of your cheeks and the roof of your mouth.

As well as looking in your mouth the Dentist will ask you some questions like whether you have had any pain or sensitivity in your teeth and gums recently, what you general health is like, whether you’re on any medication at the moment and what your diet is like. Your dentist will normally take a couple of X-rays during your first visit to ensure that your teeth are all healthy in areas not visible.

Your initial check-up will take approximately 30 minutes.

Each patient at Eden Dental Clinic is treated as an individual so that the best result for you is achieved.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening involves taking impressions of the teeth from which trays are made. Carbamide peroxide gels are used in the trays to whiten the teeth. Our dentist will show you how to apply the gels into the trays and give you all the instructions you need before you leave so that you can carry out the whitening correctly at home. You can wear your trays at any time in the day for 1-2 hours per day over a period of 2 weeks. After this time you will be asked to return to your dentist so that the shade of your teeth can be reassessed.   Click Here for more information  




Practice owner Ken Provan has a keen interest in helping people straighten their smile with many forms of Orthodontics.

For more information on what treatments are available please click HERE




Fillings are provided when teeth have suffered from decay or have been damaged.  There is a variety of filling materials used at Eden Dental Clinic.  For more information on this please click HERE.



A crown is used to restore a tooth when it is broken, discoloured or filled so that it requires a full cap to provide improved function, strength and appearance for the patient.

All the best materials are used to ensure a high quality result.  Click for further information





A dental implant is the closet to having your natural tooth back! Helen Wallace will be happy to discuss whether this is the correct option for you. We use the Straumann implant system. Click for further information

Dental Hygiene

Scale and polishes can be carried out to remove tartar, calculus and plaque as well as any extrinsic staining caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. (Intrinsic staining may require tooth whitening to remove).

Instruction may be given on cleaning between your teeth with floss or inter-dental brushes and help with general tooth brushing may also be required. This is all with the aim of providing each patient with the knowledge on how to maintain their dental hygiene at the highest standard.

If gum disease is present our dentists will provide you with treatment aimed at stopping the gum disease progressing and maintaining excellent oral hygiene. Click for further information

Oral Cancer

At each examination appointment your dentist will carry out a routine check for oral cancer. Patients who smoke and drink heavily are at greater risk from oral cancer. Often patients will be advised to quit smoking and reduce their alcohol intake to reduce this risk. Press HERE to read our blog on the subject.


Bridges are used to restore gaps where teeth have been lost. This usually involves crowning a tooth at one side of the gap and sometimes at both sides of the gap. The gap is filled by an artificial tooth bonded to the crown.





Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth has deep decay, a deep filling or has undergone trauma the nerve within that tooth can die. This in turn causes inflammation and resulting pain. Root canal treatment is a brilliant way of alleviating this pain and subsequent infection while retaining the tooth in the dental arch.

The nerve that has died is removed and replaced with an inert filling material before a filling or crown is placed to restore the tooth back to its original state. In the majority of cases this procedure is extremely successful


Sports Mouthguards

We make a wide range of custom sports guards for more information please click HERE

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes when a tooth has fractured or it is no longer possible to restore it is necessary to extract the tooth.

Prior to the extraction being carried out they will be able to offer you an extensive range of options to restore the space so that you can continue having a functional, aesthetic smile.


If you’ve lost some or all of your natural teeth, whether from gum disease, tooth decay or an accident, a complete or partial denture can replace these missing teeth and your smile. Replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance and your health. Without support from the denture, facial muscles sag, making a person look (and feel) older. A denture may also help you to eat and speak.  For more on the different types of denture we provide please click HERE