Temporary Filling Materials

Numerous types of temporary filling materials can be purchased from your local chemist. The purpose of a temporary filling material is just to keep your tooth comfortable, or to recement a crown, until we can arrange an appointment to place a permanent restoration.

We appreciate that using temporary filling materials can be awkward to mix and use, so do not be concerned about placing a perfect and neat filling….. this is not what these packs are for. A temporary filling should be placed in a cavity, or on a broken tooth to cover sharp areas or to insulate the tooth against sensitivity.

If you have purchased a material from either the internet or your local chemist we would obviously advise you to read and follow the instructions carefully as there are many different types out there.

Some temporary materials appear like a soft putty which will set on contact with moisture I.e. when they are placed in the mouth.   Here are our instructions on how to use this type Temp filling kit

Other temporary materials involve the mixing of a powder and liquid and when mixed will form a sticky putty which will set quite quickly.  Here our instructions on how to use this type.  This can be more difficult to use but depending on how it is mixed can also be used to recement crowns.  Here are our instructions for this type.   temp crown material

Here is a video from Ken to demonstrate most the mixing of such a material. Temporary filling mixing demonstation