Here are a few shots of the Surgery, Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to take a tour.


As you come into the building from the front entrance you will come straight into the reception area.  Here you will be greeted by one of our nurses (Keely, Chelsea or Anna) or more likely Ionagh the practice manager.  If it is your first visit to the practice you will be given a medical questionnaire to fill in.  All our clinic is on one floor (even the toilet) so you don’t have to worry about stairs.  There is also a disabled access to the rear of the building for wheelchair (and pram) access.

Surgery 1

Welcome to Surgery 1.  This is where Ken normally works.  It is a bright large surgery with large windows, but don’t worry the glass is etched to maintain your (and our) privacy.

Surgery 2

This is Surgery 2, the normal home of Helen. It is a bright and airy surgery on ground floor level.  


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