Relaxed Atmosphere


We appreciate that dental treatment can often be perceived as an unpleasant but necessary part of life and many people find it daunting.

Because of this we endeavour to make your experience as pleasant as possible.  We appreciate that the way to ensure this happens is to provide good quality dentistry, in comfortable surroundings with good communication.  We are always happy to respond to any questions either directly or through email ( or Facebook.

Currently we are probably the smallest Dental practice in Inverness as we are a team containing only 2 dentists, a practice manager and 3 nurses.

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We feel the fact that we are a small, independently run team has many advantages!  Firstly, because we are a independent practice, we can treat all our patients as individuals without the stresses of meeting targets or being restricted to the types of treatments or materials we provide. 

Also as we are a small team we are very aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses are believe we compliment and support each other well.