Orthodontics is a speciality of Dentistry.it is usually a method of straightening or moving teeth to close gaps and move prominent teeth to improve the patients smile and way they bite together.


Orthodontics is usually completed during childhood after all the baby teeth have gone.
But many adults undergo treatment to solve problems of crowding well into later life.Treatment if needed is usually carried out using orthodontic appliances ,also called braces.
1/ Invisible braces are useful for mild crowding -treatment involves wearing a series of clear plastic aligners which gradually move the teeth.this is a more expensive treatment as numerous aligners are used which are custom made by a dental laboratory.
2/   Removable appliances – involve wearing a small plate which can be removed for toothbrushing.
3/ Fixed appliances are brackets attached to each tooth with bands and wires to carry out the tooth movements and straighten the teeth…for  more crowded teeth fixed appliances are the best treatment.
Generally orthodontic appliances need adjusted/tightening every 4/6 weeks .
Treatment may take 6-18 months to complete but depends mainly on how crowded the teeth are to start with.
Extra care with brushing and reducing sugary sweets and drinks is essential to prevent complications of decay or gum problems during treatment .
Initially and assessment ,x-rays and models required to allow full assessment and planning