Lottery Win

After Ionagh started a lottery syndicate in November we are pleased to announce that we have had our first win ???? The huge winnings of £3 will be the first added to our prize fund until it is decided how to distribute the finances. The practice will remain open…..


Burglar Alarm

Unfortunately due to Helen’s new Christmas decorations for the practice, setting off the burglar alarm in the night…..Ken had to remove them.  Obviously this was disappointing for all involved as it was agreed that although they looked pretty they were highly impractical.  Helen took a bit of persuading that the alarm was the real reason…


Patient Care Course

Today Helen and Ionagh went on a customer care course. The course organised by Highland Dental Plan was well attended and presented by Illona McLay.  Patient care is extremely important at Eden Dental Clinic and all ideas are taken on board to keep our high standards. Unfortunately when they were away at the Kingsmills Hotel,…


Present Wrapping competiton

The present wrapping competition was formally launched today on Facebook.  There were no prizes involved and only 3 entrants……..  due to some members of the staff being too lazy (special dispensation was given to Chelsea as she is moving house and involved in other projects for the practice. It is fairly worrying that 2 of…


Anna’s 21st

 As it will be Anna’s 21st tomorrow (30/11/2019). Helen used it as a perfect opportunity to make a highly calorific and tooth decaying cake……  not particularly professional maybe, but a good excuse for a wee treat.  We are very grateful for all Anna’s hard work at the practice.

Christmas Tree

Although obviously it is still November, it was decided that the Christmas tree should be put up today, although Helen and Ken thought it was far too early for such things, democracy prevailed and the dentists were outnumbered.  More decorations will follow.  The fight for when is an OK time to start Christmas tunes continues…………

Thank you

We are always very grateful when the practice receives gifts!!!!   Flowers are always a winner and contrary to beliefs we all are very appreciative of chocolates.  It is a well known dental fact that it is the frequency of sugar uptake that has an effect on dental caries….. and here at Eden we are…