Colbalt Chrome Dentures

The main advantage of this design of denture is that the base plate is much thinner than the acrylic and as a result many patients tolerate them better as they can feel more comfortable. They also allow for improved taste and thermal sensation because they do not cover as much of the palate in the upper arch. They are supported largely by the teeth.

Acrylic Dentures

These are made in a plastic material and the forces on them are both tooth and soft tissue born. The bases are slightly thicker than cobalt chrome but they are less expensive.

Most complete dentures are made from Acrylic.


Flexible Dentures

A flexible denture adapts around the shape of the teeth and gums upon insertion and removal and can be used when it is difficult or impossible to insert a plastic or light alloy denture.
As there name suggests they flex into position and often require no clasping mechanisms holding themselves in place firmly. Flexible partial dentures often provide a solution for those people who can’t wear normal dentures because of irregularities in the shape of the mouth.



Dental Laboratory

We are very fortunate to have been  working closely  with Inverness Dental Laboratory for a number of years which allows us to provide a fast and speedy service.  We would also thoroughly recommend them for denture repairs.