Dental Treatment During The COVID-19 Crisis

What we can do at the moment

  1. Offer advice on home care.
  2. If we feel you may have an infection we can email a prescription to be picked up from your local pharmacy
  3. We have practical advice for those who have broken teeth or lost fillings.  (ADVICE ON TEMPORARY FILLING MATERIAL)
  4. We will ensure that to all who contact us with dental problems or emergencies are given priority appointments when the clinic is allowed to reopen.
  5. If you have a lump bump or weird lesion in your mouth we can review photographs and offer advice. If we are concerned that your lesion may have a sinister origin we can refer you to a specialist centre for further investigation.
  6. If we are not able to assist you with home care of your condition and you require a dental extraction. We can refer you to a specialist centre which will be able to treat yo