Update Monday 4th January.


Following the First Ministers announcement regarding lockdown from midnight tonight (January 4th) dentistry is to carry on as before with the exception of purely aesthetic procedures 


This has been clarified by Tom Ferris who is the chief dental officer for Scotland.


Therefore, at this stage we have no immediate plans to close Eden Dental Clinic.

We feel that our current high standards of cross infection control, enhanced PPE, social distancing and stringent adherence to fallow times is optimal in providing the safest possible environment for dental procedures to occur in, both for our patients and ourselves.

Although we have been operating under difficult conditions over the last few months, be reassured that we will endeavour to provide the best quality of treatment for our patients.

We thank everyone for their continual support and patience through these difficult times.



Dental Treatment During The COVID-19 Crisis

What we are doing at the moment

As you may be aware we have been on call 24/7 during this lockdown period and have spent many hours dealing with emergencies remotely, which is obviously not ideal for anybody, but unfortunately has been necessary.
Our patients have been able to access emergency cover in the usual ways, either through phone, email or Facebook messenger.  All issues have been dealt with by that patients own dentist.
During this time we have prescribed pain relief and antibiotics, we have sent out repair kits free of charge and also have been able to swiftly refer any patients with urgent emergencies to NHS Urgent Care Centres.
So we have not closed if anything we have worked more hours on this COVID-19 situation.
We have been given the go ahead to see absolute emergencies from Monday 22nd June by Scottish Government under very strict regulations .
Routine check ups are not allowed as the priority is emergency care at this time. Hopefully this situation will continue to ease, the timing is determined by the Government and our regulatory bodies.

So if you have an dental problem at this time, please get in touch and we will offer you an appointment as soon as possible OR.

  1. Offer advice on home care (we appreciate that some people may feel uneasy at this time about seeing us, but we will endeavour to help in any way we can!)
  2. If we feel you may have an infection we can email a prescription to be picked up from your local pharmacy
  3. We have practical advice for those who have broken teeth or lost fillings.  (ADVICE ON TEMPORARY FILLING MATERIAL)
  4. We will ensure that to all who contact us with dental problems or emergencies are given priority appointments when the clinic is allowed to reopen.
  5. If we are not able to assist you with your condition we can refer you to a specialist centre which will be able to treat you with procedures that currently are not allowed in the practice.