Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy to prevent disease. Dental hygiene and oral health are often taken for granted but are essential parts of our everyday lives.

It is important as not only will removing plaque and calculus help prevent gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath, it has many other benefits.



Gum disease has been linked to health problems such as:-

– diabetes,

– heart disease,

– stroke,

– premature births or low-birth weight babies.



Gum disease has many exacerbating factors such as:-

– poor oral hygiene

– smoking

– stress

– genetic factors

Although some factors in life can not be controlled, we urge you to change the ones you can and visit us on a regular basis.


How Can We Help You with Oral Hygiene?

For regular hygiene visits and advice, we would encourage you to see our dental Hygienist or one of our dentists.

We will:

· Teach you tips and tricks to improve your tooth brushing.

· Give you a Scale and Polish to help you clean tough, hard to reach areas.

· Remove hardened plaque deposits called calculus or tarter. This is impossible for you to remove on your own.

· Remove plaque and tarter from under your gums. These are areas you cannot clean with a toothbrush

· Remove staining from your teeth left by smoking, tea, coffee and wine.

· Give you treatment and advice to stop you getting gum disease.

· Give you treatment if you have gum disease.​


This is a common example of calculus which cannot be brushed away, but can be easily removed professionally