Ken’s Training Regime & Fundraising efforts


After a spell of carb loading on our works night out on January 31st, Ken’s training started in earnest!

Carb Loading


February 2nd 2020

Although the weather was cold, sleety and miserable the weekend after he donned his Lycra, overshoes, grasped one of his many bikes and got out on the road.  Even though he was wet and cold he managed a smile and surprisingly managed to keep upright!










February 4th

A huge thank you to HDP who have very kindly donated £250 to our cause!  This very generous donation has brought the total amount on the just giving page to £435.  We continued to be thankful to all who have donated so far.

February 11th

Ken has been lucky enough to have been invited to meet Phillipa York, who is a fascinating woman on many levels.

As everyone who follows cycling will be aware, Phillipa (born Robert Millar) is a Scottish journalist and commentator and former professional cyclist.   This success was the first time a  British rider had won a major tour classification, including winning the “King of the Mountains” in 1984.

Unfortunately Phillipa’s family have also been affected by cancer and consequently she appreciates what a wonderful cause Maggie’s charity is.  We are very grateful that when she meets Ken in a visit to Scotland that she has agreed to sign various items which will be involved in a charity auction.